Kelly Tran Is Merely The Latest Party Apparatchik To Ritualistically Genuflect At The Myth Of Group Victimhood And Will Certainly Not Be The Last

The New York Times published an essay on Tuesday by a leading actress in the Star Wars franchise, Kelly Tran. The entire gist of the essay was a familiar refrain that we have seen countless times, yet seems to have no end as merely the faces, names, and characters change, while the grift stays the same.

The rough outline goes something like this: a personality spouts the Democrat Party line about being a victim of Scary White Men and is richly rewarded with money, fame, adulation, and career success.

The list of those who have sold their souls to get in on the victimhood gravy train is too numerous to mention, but Tran is merely its’ latest iteration, and could possibly be a sign that the Democrat Party is turning its’ eyes towards Asian Americans as a future reliable voting bloc.

Furthermore, the very fact that con artists and sellouts are richly rewarded by getting in on the grifting of the progressive socialists is the ironclad proof that they are not punished by a discriminatory system at all.

The dominant power structures reward those who promote and further the victimhood narrative, those who hype the threat of the Scary White Men, and those who parrot stale Democrat propaganda tropes.

The list could be endless, but simply a few who have been richly rewarded by the power structures for being boot-lickers and shills for the Democrat Party: Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Shaun King, Sarah Jeong, Angela Rye, and countless others.

To the preaching of the gospel of the dangers of Scary White Men, there is no end. It is now the established doctrine and strategy of the Democrat Party and they have hitched their wagon to its’ star. As much as the electoral success of the strategy may be stalling, it is still the predominant ideology of most, if not all, of the ultra-powerful institutions.

Entertainment, television, news, and educational power structures all currently operate upon the necessity of the furtherance of the myth of Scary White Men. It is the very fuel that drives them, the oil that lubricates its’ gears, the pathos that infects the rotting heart of our once-proud American institutions.

Those who play the game are rewarded. Kelly Tran, a woman who stars in a blockbuster film produced by one of the most powerful entertainment companies to widespread laudits everywhere, claims she is a victim because anonymous commenters left unkind words on her Instagram pages.

Sarah Jeong declares herself the victim of an oppressive white structure and is immediately rewarded with a platform at one of the most influential power structures in America.

The structure behind the myth of white supremacy is the notion that white men possess all the power in America. We then see this notion promoted by a woman who is amplified by the most powerful media institutions in the country. Her oppressors? Anonymous nobodies with no platform, no amplification, and no power.

The rhetorical structure has been executed efficiently as a method of ideological extortion. Those who do not subscribe to this brand of cultlike extremism are quickly detected, declared oppressors, and eventually removed. The cultists work together, giving them an advantage over the regular citizens they target, who have no understanding of the opponent they are up against.

The simple distillation of what we have been witnessing is a coup d’etat, a seizure of power, and an authoritarian overthrow of all power structures in America. The culprits are a small, but highly efficient band of immoral cultists who possess no ethical boundaries in their blitzkriegs.

Over the years, the message has been received by the populace writ large: play the game and be rewarded – refuse and be destroyed. The ramifications for young citizens entering the power structures are clear and enormous – entire careers can be either built or eradicated based upon their level of compliance. Some stay silent and hope to fly by. Others speak out and are targeted with the ferocity of a demonic Inquisition.

The less ethical among us, the most power-hungry, and the most sadistic, sociopathic in society conform to the crushing, soul-destroying dictates of the Prison. And it is here that we discover a disturbing detail about the nature of the environment created by these cultists: it is intentionally engineered to attract only the most evil, the biggest narcissists, the meanest bullies, the least morally scrupulous, and those who enjoy inflicting pain on defenseless people. We realize that the meritocracies of our forefathers have been wholly transformed into Party apparatuses of informers, collaborators, denouncers, and thieves. Whilst we slept, the inheritance of the founders of the American Revolution was snatched away from us by a small band of extremists.

To say that this disease has infected every structure in America would be inaccurate. In Europe, the progression of this spiritual cancer is far worse. In China, we see the inevitable result of a Party authoritarianism where loyalty is paramount, dissidents are denounced, and enemies of the Power Structure are simply eliminated.

Those institutions that will remain the most resistant to this insidious intimidation and ideological nepotism will always be the heart of the capitalist industry, where merit is most critical and where skill and talent are necessary to survive. But as we slide left on the spectrum of merit, towards organizations where clear goals are nebulous, accountability is vague, and where revenue is not directly tied to strict production outputs, the disease of fascist political ideology will put down roots and entangle the institution in a death grip.

The news organizations have no clear standard by which to be measured and long ago succumbed to the fascism of Party conformity. In order to succeed, one must spout the Party line, hype the dangers of Scary White Men, and performatively declare oneself a victim, whilst simultaneously writing for the most influential and powerful opinion leaders in the country.

The entertainment and television corporations soon followed. All major media executives must pay obeisance to the Myth. Roles are dictated according to it. Jobs are dispensed according to Party dictates. All productions become subtle propaganda operations in a never-ending cycle of eternal myth propagation. To the beginning of insanity, there is no end.

The educational institutions are completely under Party control. Dance for the Democrat masters or be punished. They too, perpetuate self-fulfilling propaganda, these ivory towers of multi-billion dollar endowments, racially engineering as they claim the power structures are under white male control.

Only the corporations and businesses remain, and even there, political cultists have begun to infiltrate. At times, it appears as if we live in a Soviet-style, Orwellian nightmare, where every corporation races to outdo the other in kowtowing to the Party grift. Con artists must justify their existence or risk the public realizing they have no clothes. To the claiming of victimhood, there is no end, even when virtually every single important cultural institution is under your control. There is always some slight to seize upon, some inequity to exploit, even as they grow rarer and rarer. If civil rights were a legitimate imbalance to exploit in 1960, the grifters of today must hype innocuous looks or comments, to the point where the nation wastes its’ time poring over “micro-aggressions”. There is no greater sign of the moral bankruptcy and pathetic nature of this dead horse when the greatest proof of oppression is facial expressions, just as a famous actress’ greatest proof of supposedly systemic oppression is mean comments on her social media.

Kelly Tran was not the first and she will not be the last. The public will never know if she truly believes what she says or even if she wrote it herself, because it is irrelevant. Only the pantomime matters, the ritualistic kneeling, the bowing of the head to the Party prayer. We come together in our congregations and all agree that the Emperor has quite beautiful clothes indeed and that the greatest danger to our lives is Scary White Men lurking behind every corner. We pretend that the greatest danger to African American citizens is a police officer, when the percentage of African Americans killed by police officers is virtually statistically non-existent. We pretend that the power structures in America discriminate against racial groups, as we see over-representation in sports and hundreds of black millionaires, as Asians sit among the most affluent groups in the nation, as black citizens reached congressional status, Attorney General, and the Presidency. We nod solemnly and agree that we live in the Handmaid’s Tale as many women helm some of the most powerful corporations, are over-represented in many industries, dominate higher education, and pump the stale, tired narratives of victimhood from the most powerful platforms in the nation.

We may live within the hellish nightmare of this new Party orthodoxy forever. There will always be those of weak moral fiber, willing to sell out to the Party in order to gain wealth, fame, status, and power. To the grifting of progressive socialists there is seemingly no end. When every scintilla of apparent group imbalance or inequity is eradicated, there will always be another hair to split, another phantom slight to magnify, another way to incite hatred. The System demands it, for it is the very fuel it seeks. It is a self-perpetuating system that has achieved sentience. The sellouts eagerly sign up to be the foot soldiers of this new hierarchy based not upon skill or merit, but upon the willingness to abdicate all morals in the pursuit of personal gain. As for the rest of us, we righteously refuse, and will do so until the end of time.


A List Of Major Prosecutions Made By The Trump Administration

Washington, DC – This is a list of major prosecutions made by the Trump Justice Department.

The Department of Justice has 27 investigations into classified leaks of information, according to testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the House Judiciary Committee.

June 22, 2017 – Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year old contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Georgia, was charged with “removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet,” according to a federal complaint. Update: She pled guilty on Tuesday as part of an agreement with prosecutors that calls for a sentence of 63 months in prison.

March 29, 2018 – Terry James Albury, a former FBI agent in Minnesota, was charged with sharing classified documents with a news organization.

April 19, 2018 – A criminal referral for Andrew McCabe was sent by the IG to the Justice Department for lying to DOJ IG investigators.

May 8, 2018 – Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a 53-year old former CIA case officer and US citizen, was charged with unauthorized possession of classified material and conspiring to commit espionage.

June 5, 2018 – Ron Rockwell Hansen, a 58-year old former Defense Intelligence Agency case officer, was arrested in Seattle and charged with attempted espionage, in what appears to be another high-profile mole hunt by F.B.I. investigators intent on uncovering Chinese spying against the United States.

June 7, 2018 – James A. Wolfe, the 57-year old Senate Intelligence Committee’s director of security, was charged with lying repeatedly to investigators about his contacts with three reporters.

June 8, 2018 – Kevin Mallory, a 61-year old former C.I.A. case officer faces life in prison after he was found guilty of espionage charges and lying to the F.B.I. about his contacts with Chinese intelligence.

June 18, 2018 – Joshua A. Schulte, a former 29-year old software engineer in New York was charged with stealing classified information, theft of government property and lying to the F.B.I. Schulte was also charged with receipt, possession and transportation of child pornography. On his personal computer, federal agents said they found an “encrypted container” with more than 10,000 images and videos of child pornography.

30% Of The Mexican Economy Is Exports To The U.S.



Exports To The American Market Are $314 Billion Out Of A $1 Trillion Dollar Economy

American Dollar Remittances To Mexico Are $25 Billion A Year

Washington, DC – Mexico’s entire gross domestic product in 2017 was $1.076 trillion dollars. During this same year, Mexico exported $314 billion dollars worth of goods and services to the United States in 2017.

Utilizing this data, Mexico’s exports to the American market account for roughly 30% of its’ entire Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. 

In addition, US remittances to Mexico are $25 billion dollars a year, or an additional 2.3% of its’ GDP.

For context, Mexico has roughly half the population of the United States, or 125 million citizens, yet their economy is 1/20th the size of America’s.

From the US Trade Representative:

  • U.S. goods imports from Mexico totaled $314.0 billion in 2017, up 6.8% ($20.0 billion) from 2016, and up 49.0% from 2007. U.S. imports from Mexico are up 687% from 1993 (pre-NAFTA). U.S. imports from Mexico account for 13.4% of overall U.S. imports in 2017.

  • The top import categories (2-digit HS) in 2017 were: vehicles ($84 billion), electrical machinery ($62 billion), machinery ($54 billion), optical and medical instruments ($14 billion), and mineral fuels ($11 billion).

With the election of a possible socialist authoritarian who has threatened to nationalize industries and send millions of poor Mexican peasants across the United States border, economic clouds are gathering on the horizon in the relationship between America and its’ neighbor to the south.

Within any future economic conflict, the two main pressure points of leverage are likely to be Mexican exports to America and US remittances sent back to Mexico. Together, these comprise roughly 32% of the entire Gross Domestic Product of Mexico.

If President Donald Trump were to strike an aggressive posture on these two pain points, he could conceivably leverage Mexico into recession, economic contraction, and/or civil unrest.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which went into effect on January 1, 1994, was an economic boon to Mexico, causing its’ exports to America to sextuple over 30 years from $50 billion dollars to over $300 billion dollars.

“NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement,then President Bill Clinton said as he signed the agreement that many critics have blamed for trillions of dollars in capital leaving the country, along with millions of manufacturing jobs.


The main exports to the United States consist of vehicles, electrical machinery, and other machinery (2015 data):



Foreign nations from around the globe, but primarily China, have used Mexico for decades as a back-channel into the US market, exploiting its’ NAFTA loophole of zero tariffs. Mexico has profited tremendously from this arrangement, serving as the pass-through gate for Chinese and other foreign goods, sometimes assembling the products in their final stage.

Multi-national corporations have exploited the NAFTA loophole as well, in many cases reconstructing their entire supply chain management system, sourcing their products from overseas, funneling them through Mexico, and selling them in the American market for huge profits.

President Trump was elected in November 2016 on a promise to drastically renegotiate NAFTA, among other trade deals, to eliminate the zero tariff loophole. This pledge has drawn enormous opposition from multinational corporate lobbyists, their media mouthpieces, and other entities with a vested interest in the status quo.

The new Mexican President has openly threatened to send millions of Mexican peasants to invade the US border. He has threatened to nationalize the oil industry. He is openly allied with the drug cartels that have devastated the nation and has promised not to prosecute them. The drug cartels in Mexico essentially have their president in office now.

Andres Manuel Obrador has already requested for his representatives to join the NAFTA talks. He does not officially take office until December 2018.

Ted Wheeler Is An Authoritarian Fascist & Portland Is A Dictatorship

There is massive propaganda around the recent assaults in Portland, Oregon, at the Patriot Prayer rally conducted by Joey Gibson in the city.

Joey Gibson organized a rally, conducted the rally, and he and his compatriots had their civil rights violated by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Stormtroopers, also known as “Antifa”.

This article must be written because there is currently massive disinformation being spread about the rally, the violation of Gibson’s civil rights, the city of Portland, Oregon, and the dark way that authoritarian forces work together behind the scenes there.

Although there are elements of Patriot Prayer that are not ideal, and although there is a small number of people within the rally who are looking for a clash, Joey Gibson is doing the nation a great service by assembling there.

The city of Portland is an authoritarian dictatorship run by its’ leader Ted Wheeler and his violent communist enforcers. They effectively work together to run the region, suppress dissent, and violently attack political opponents.

Because of the nature of federal, state laws, and the Constitution, authoritarian Ted Wheeler cannot have his private oppression force to violate the rights of citizens codified into Portland law. So they have the next best thing. He orders the police to intentionally violate their oaths and not enforce the laws of the city and state. He then has his private band of Stormtroopers intimidate, attack, assault and frighten his enemies.

Then authoritarian Ted Wheeler then uses the pretext of his fascist army to violate the free speech rights of the American citizens gathered there to assemble. After ordering the Portland police department to violate the rights of Gibson’s supporters, and after betraying their duty to protect citizens from assault, fascist Wheeler then commanded the Portland Police department to revoke Gibson’s permit, thus rendering their assembly illegal.

This is how progressives collude across multiple vectors to impose fascism upon their political enemies: local governments coordinate with fascist progressive extremists, the police departments, and the local media in a criminal conspiracy to violate civil liberties on a massive scale.

This was most recently demonstrated when Wheeler’s SS violated multiple city, state, and federal laws in their vandalism, trespassing, and harassment of the ICE facility in Portland.

Wheeler followed the familiar pattern: he instructed the city police to violate their oaths and NOT enforce the laws of the city and state.

Federal police had to be dispatched to clear the area, restore law and order, and arrest the lawbreakers.

These are essentially islands of authoritarianism, and they are found wherever progressives reach a critical mass. This phenomenon can be found in Berklee, California, as well, or at the Trump rally in San Jose, California, where the civil rights of American citizens were intentionally violated on a massive scale.

Joey Gibson is merely exposing the rot at the heart of these local governments where progressives have seized full control. They are fundamentally authoritarians and seek to squelch opposing speech.

Once again: Ted Wheeler committed a crime when he instructed the Portland police to violate the law. He should not only be sued along with the entire city of Portland, he should be charged by a federal US Attorney with depriving citizens of their constitutional rights.

“Antifa” is the fascist, military oppression wing of the progressive party, and as such should be declared a domestic terror organization, its’ members raided, and any giving aid and comfort charged as well.

There are no “protesters”. There are no “clashes”. What you are witnessing is the willful, intentional assault on the Constitutional civil liberties of American citizens, in a criminal conspiracy, consisting of government, militant, and media members, to deprive their political opponents of the God-given rights. Nothing else. Arrest Ted Wheeler. Arrest the Portland police chief. Declare the fascist stormtrooper organization Antifa a domestic terrorist organization immediately and arrest all its’ members.

The Disturbing List Of Attacks And “Accidents” Involving Republican Government Officials

The Baseball Attack

On June 14, 2017, a Democrat terrorist shot up a baseball field of Republican House Representatives. He confirmed that they were indeed Republicans before executing the attack.

The terrorist, James Hodgkinson, was a super-fan of the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, a show that has declared President Donald Trump a Russian agent and Republican congressional members complicit in the supposed takeover of the U.S. by Russia.

He was also obsessed with the federal tax rate and believed that low taxes directly led to the Great Depression and Great Recession. It is highly likely that his shooting was specifically intended to stop the passage of the tax bill that ultimately became law, which lowered corporate tax rates.

The Train Crash

On January 31st, 2018, a train carrying House Republican members smashed directly into a dump truck that was placed in the middle of the train tracks.

The intersection was Lanetown Road with DOT crossing 224704E. (View here on Google Maps.)

The train was traveling at 61 miles per hour when it violently crashed into the dump truck, which contained 3 people, one of whom immediately died.

The train was carrying dozens of Republican House congressmen, including the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. None were killed, although some suffered minor injuries.

According to a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board, the truck appeared to have bypassed the crossing gates and was on the tracks when it was struck by the train.

Video from the train’s front-facing video camera showed that the gates were down as the crossing came into view and that the truck was on the tracks. Witnesses told investigators that the truck entered the crossing after the gates went down.

Dana W. Naylor Jr, the driver of the truck, was indicted by a grand jury on one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of maiming another while driving under the influence.

A friend of Naylor created a GoFundMe for him while he was in the hospital, which raised $10,000.



President Trump Is On Track To Shape 25% Of The Federal Appeals Courts

Washington, DC – President Trump is on track to shape the direction of almost a quarter of the federal U.S. Courts of Appeals by the end of his first presidential term.

The U.S. Courts of Appeals are the powerful courts below the Supreme Court that determine a significant degree of domestic policy by reviewing decisions of trial courts for errors of law.

There are 13 appeals courts and 179 judge-ships on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.


As of June 4th, 2018, the Senate has confirmed 21 federal judges to the Appeals Courts, or roughly 11.7%:

Third Circuit: 

  • Stephanos Bibas

Fifth Circuit: 

  • Don Willett
  • James C. Ho
  • Kyle Duncan
  • Kurt D. Engelhardt

Sixth Circuit: 

  • Amul Thapar
  • John K. Bush
  • Joan Larsen
  • John B. Nalbandian

Seventh Circuit: 

  • Amy Coney-Barrett
  • Michael B. Brennan
  • Michael Y. Scudder
  • Amy J. St. Eve

Eighth Circuit:

  • Ralph R. Erickson
  • L. Steven Grasz
  • David Stras

Tenth Circuit:

  • Allison H. Eid
  • Joel M. Carson III

Eleventh Circuit:

  • Kevin Newsom
  • Elizabeth L. Branch

DC Circuit: 

  • Gregory G. Katsas

As of this writing, there are currently 14 vacancies on the U.S. Appeals courts and 10 nominations awaiting Senate action. If the 10 judges currently nominated are confirmed by the Senate, President Trump’s influence on the Appeals courts would increase to 17.3%.

Additionally, there are 8 announced U.S. Courts of Appeals vacancies projected to occur before the end of President Trump’s first term.

If the announced judicial Appeals Courts vacancies are confirmed before the end of President Trump’s first term in 2020, he would have nominated 43 judges to the powerful courts, for a presidential share of 24%.

Comparatively, President Obama successfully nominated 55 federal judges to the Appeals Courts during his regime, for a presidential share of 30.7%. However, that occurred over the course of two presidential terms spanning 8 years.

Several Thoughts On The Assault Of Faith Goldy In Canada

In viewing the assault of journalist and center-right activist Faith Goldy, several words of advice come to mind, which can really be applied to any individual who wishes to peaceable assemble or advocate for some policy position:

  1. Never, ever back away from a Stalinist mob. You have a right to stand exactly where you are in a public setting. If you are arrive at a rally that you know Stalinists will be at, select your spot carefully. If you are there to document as a journalist, set up at a distance. Set up close to the police. Do not appear as the aggressor. If they are going to advance menacingly with the threat of assaulting you, force them to make good on their threat by firmly standing your ground. Understand the legal process you need to follow afterwards to prosecute an assault and position yourself beforehand to have the strongest case possible by not provoking and not responding in violence.
  2. Optics are everything. Who appears rational? Who appears reasonable? Who appears deranged and violent? The optics are already bad for the Stalinist thugs in this video, but they could have been much, much better.
  3. Know your level of engagement before going in. In many cases, your engagement with Stalinists should be extremely, extremely limited. In some cases, you should absolutely not engage at all. If you are keeping your distance in a public area, in a group, and not engaging, that forces them to attack you, which is a terrible look for them.
  4. Understand your opposition. Stalinists are naturally aggressive and many are borderline criminal, if not outright criminal. They want to attack. They want to commit crimes against you. Their allies in the media want as much as possible to portray it as an equal conflict, a “clash”, with both sides equally violent. Never, ever give them that opportunity. If a gang of Stalinists is going to attack you, make sure it is on your terms: that you are stationed apart from them, in a group, peaceful, and not engaging them at all.
  5. Understand triangulation. Too many times, individuals, whether it is culturally or economically, are under the mistaken impression that they should engage communists or Stalinists. This is FALSE and nothing could be further from the truth. Your audience is NOT them. You will rarely, if ever, change their mind. Your audience is the public at home, the undecideds, the centrists, the independents, who are open and amenable to your message. Always, always, always craft your message with that audience in mind. Speak to them.
  6. With those principles in mind, the general perception of public civic engagement as undertaken by center-right activists needs a wholescale reevaluation. Speak to independents and speak of Stalinists in the third person. Never engage them directly. Select your public ground carefully and stand your ground. Never, ever retreat. Know your rights in public. Do not be inflammatory and tailor your rhetoric appropriately. Be as inclusive as possible when assembling your arguments while not compromising your position.
  7. With all of that being said, this is how Faith should have executed her mission: 
    1. Set up shop close to the police.
    2. Filmed and monitored the rally from a distance.
    3. When the Stalinists became aware of her entourage and approached her, she should have not engaged them. Simultaneously, she should have had at least two individuals with her, all filming each other for their own legal protection.
    4. Holding her ground, she should have stayed peacefully in her area and documented the interaction. The Stalinists would have no doubt begun with a verbal engagement, with the desire to escalate to something physical.
    5. If the Stalinists, being entirely unprovoked and approaching her territory of their own volition, then wished to assault her on top of that, she would have been on extremely strong legal ground. The police would be forced into a quandary, given her proximity and the fact that she did not provoke the attack. This would be a win, both optically and legally. If the police do not arrest the criminals, she has a strong case against the state. If they do, it is a public deterrent to future Stalinists that makes them aware of the law.
    6. In the absolute worst case, if they assault her, she stands her ground, and the police do absolutely nothing, she wins a great public relations victory. Regardless of her politics or beliefs, the entire world sees a woman who did nothing, who was savagely attacked by masked men. If, in the absolute worst case, the police did nothing, she sued and still lost, she would still have won the optics battle. That is literally the best outcome she could achieve given the stacked circumstances.
    7. Instead, it appears she approached them and engaged them. Even if she didn’t engage them, she failed to select her monitoring spot carefully, as she was a great distance away from law enforcement. Compounding the error, she did not stand her ground, giving the appearance of guilt. Why would anyone back away from a public area out of fear? To do so looks guilty.
    8. So not only did she not select a correct spot, stand her ground, and not engage, she was assaulted, and will most likely not sue. The optics look muddy, she looks guilty for backing away, and it looks like a skirmish between two sides to some extent. The police can claim plausible deniability because they were not close enough and thus she can not hold them accountable for their failure to enforce the law.
    9. People have to understand that the deck is stacked against them, but the entire game is not rigged. Yes, communists have allies in the press, but even they have limitations. Understand the rules of the game and position your moves accordingly. The public sphere is incredibly important and simply appearing in public is a powerful message in and of itself, which is why Stalinists are intent on literally eradicating you from it. The freedom to peaceably assemble is a very important one.