Investigation Heats Up As Conspirators Begin To Co-operate With Federal Investigators

It was indirectly confirmed by multiple sources that potential conspirators within the FISA-Gate scandal have begun to cooperate with federal investigators working within the Department of Justice.

In an interview with Judge Jeannine, Chris Stewart demurred when asked if Bill Priestap was cooperating with federal investigators. Stewart indirectly confirmed that Priestap was indeed co-operating by predicting that his name would emerge in the future as a big figure.

Speculation has been rife that Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page have already flipped and begun co-operating with the DOJ OIG Horowitz investigation. Both FBI officials are still at the organization, remarkably enough.

In a radio interview, former US District Attorney Joe DiGenova predicted former FBI Director James Comey would eventually be charged with a crime. “He is ultimately going to be charged with a crime,” DiGenova said on air.

Furthermore, DiGenova dropped a bombshell in that same interview by saying Judge Rudolph Contreras did NOT recuse himself from the Michael Flynn case, but was instead removed by his superiors due to Contreras being on the FISA court that possibly approved the wiretapping warrant.

There are multiple crimes that have already been uncovered:

  1. The leaking of the Michael Flynn phone call, and Trump calls with heads of state. These are felonies, and only a select number of people would have access to this SIGINT, or signals intelligence.
  2. The intentional omitting of relevant information in the FISA application when presented to the court judges.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions disclosed in an interview with Maria Bartiromo that there are currently 24 active investigations into illegal leaks. Multiple individuals will be going to prison.

Additional investigations that may be revisited or re-opened include the Clinton Email case, the Uranium One case, and other auxiliary ones.

The initial focus, however, remains the FISA scandal within the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The main actors within this scandal are James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Co-conspirators include Fusion GPS and its’ founder Glenn Simpson, who acted as the originators of FAKE intelligence used to justify spying on American citizens.

And make no mistake about it: the “dossier”, aka the pile of trash created out of whole cloth by Clinton hacks, was completely false. It was pure fiction. And the lead American investigative arm actually knowingly took that from partisan hacks and presented it to a court in order to spy upon an American presidential campaign.

More updates to follow soon…




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