Why Did The Conspirators Outsource The Fake Intel Document?

The fake intel document scandal, aka the “dossier” story, is one that is not explained as succinctly as it should. In conservative media, and Fox in particular, it is very convoluted and confusing.

The bottom line is Obama wanted to spy on Trump. And so he needed a way to do that.

Enter the fake document.

The spying court will not approve spying unless there is adequate justification. They already denied Obama when he tried in June.

So they needed fake intel to justify spying on Trump.

You can only spy on somebody if they’re a criminal and a target of an investigation.

So they needed to say Trump was a criminal. That was virtually impossible.

So they needed to say an associate of Trump was a criminal. MUCH, MUCH easier.

Enter Carter Page.

The nature of the powerful spying they got (Title One) meant if they got an associate of Trump, they could also spy on Trump the minute that associate contacted him.

So they needed a justification to spy on Trump’s associate, Carter Page.

Enter the fake intel document.

Enlist an outside front group Fusion GPS.


This was not a choice. It was absolute NECESSITY.

The DOJ & the FBI could simply not fabricate the information needed. Even that was a step too far. That in and of itself should illuminate just how crazy these people were. The top leadership had been PACKED with criminal hacks, and even they knew they couldn’t fabricate the fake intel they needed.

So they enlisted an outside front group. They HAD to.

They plant the wife of one of their guys into the outside group.

DOJ official Bruce Ohr sends his wife to Fusion GPS to make sure the correct fake intel is created.

She collaborates with Clinton hacks Chris Steele & Cody Shearer. She even uses ham radio in an apparent attempt to evade detection.

They fabricate the fake intel they need and feed it back to the FBI/DOJ.

NOW DOJ has the fake intel they need to get their spying.

They go before the court, present their fake intel, and intentionally lie about its’ origins. They intentionally DO NOT TELL the judge who created this.

They even plant a story in Yahoo News about this fake document, then cite the Yahoo News article in their court application. It’s all fake!

You see, when extremely intelligent criminals plan on doing something, they know that it needs to look as legitimate as possible. So if they want to spy on Trump, they know it needs a legitimate veneer. And the only legitimate excuse for spying on an American citizen is if, a) that person is a criminal, and b) possibly a traitor.

So when you hear Hannity bloviating on and on about the “dossier” (a word I hate because it lends that piece of garbage legitimacy), and Fusion, and Hillary, just remember this:

They were all working together. They were all on the same team. They were conspirators in a conspiracy. It was all the same group. Everything else, Fusion, Steele, Shearer, Ohr, etc.. was just moving parts intended to create the appearance of separation.

They were all on the same team. 


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