Trump’s Strategy Regarding The Obama FBI & DOJ Is Much More Far-Reaching Than It Appears


Many people have been impatient since President Donald Trump was elected, particularly his most ardent followers. They have wondered why it appears nothing has been done in regards to the Clinton email investigation, the Uranium One investigation, or many other scandals that occurred during the Obama regime.

But it appears as if Trump is taking a different tack, a longer, yet more consequential angle to restoring justice within the American government and the nation at large.

Most disclosures over the past few months and in 2017 in particular have focused on rogue agents within the top investigative bodies of the federal government. As each disturbing story has trickled out, the Trump investigators have painted the broad strokes of a Department of Justice and FBI gone rogue, stacked with partisan operatives, disobeying rules and protocols, and desecrating justice in their singleminded goal of preserving the Obama allies power.

What Trump is doing is far broader and expansive, yet far more incisive and deep than a mere revisiting of individual and specific cases.

He is making a case for an entirely corrupted Justice Department under Obama, and one in which potentially every case could be revisited. 

Q Anon has spoken of this possibility in various cryptic ways. Even Cernovich recently reported that there mere possibility of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe tampering with evidential forms could cause all of his former cases to be thrown into question.

There is a double-edged nature to this level of disclosure, as the realization that tens, if not hundreds, of law enforcement cases may have been subject to miscarriage of justice could cause a societal upheaval on par with a political earthquake of enormous proportions. It is a dangerous undertaking.

And yet, in many ways, Trump may have no choice. Evil can never be too big to confront. President Trump may have to demolish the Department all the way down to the studs and reconstruct it, if that is what true justice demands.

The President’s strategy may take longer. But he has been consistently and patiently hammering this simple theme into the minds of the American people: the American Justice system was perverted, corrupted, and misused under the Obama administration. 

And once that narrative is deeply embedded into the American psyche, all of the prior crimes can be fully revisited, investigated, and expunged.


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