Billionaire George Soros Staged Fake Riots In Ferguson


The Daily Mail has reported that billionaire agitator and currency pillager George Soros spent 33 million dollars to stage fake riots that caused significant damage to property and potential loss of life.

In addition, Soros’ provocateurs descended upon the state from their headquarters in New York City and Washington, DC, to stage false media events, which they then reported on through their media arms.

The entire operation was amplified by the American corporate news media and presented as authentic and genuine.

The partnership between the major American media corporations and the Soros agitation organizations has been a potent one. The most recent example of their synergistic efficiency has been the mobilization of exploited children in public schools across the nation, as irresponsible parents and hardline teachers have abused their young, impressionable children for ideological gain.

Nevertheless, the mere fact that public school students have mobilized in any form has proven the ability of the major media corporations to amplify Soros Operations and project them as major cultural moments.

The Soros operation is vast and encompasses hundreds of organizations that present themselves as separate entities, but in reality work on parallel tracks to promote the same language, political figures, and events.

These organizations divide into three major subgroups, with several basic examples listed:

  • Think Tank Organizations:
    • Center For American Progress – One of the largest Soros-funded organizations, they produce propaganda and legislation for their larger goal.
  • Propaganda organizations:
    • Media Matters – One of the largest and most effective information warfare operations, MM employs tens, if not hundreds of employees, has a multi-million dollar budget, and focuses primarily on policing, censoring, and smearing those who oppose their agenda.
  • Mobilization organizations:
    • MoveOn.Org – Tasked with forming rallies and mobilizing the unstable individuals imbibing CAP & MM propaganda, the executive Director of MoveOn boasted of the violence that occurred in Chicago when it successfully played a role in destabilizing the situation and forcing then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to postpone his rally.

Questions are being raised as to the legality of the specific Ferguson operation, and whether Soros employees crossed state lines with the intention of inciting a riot. That is a crime, and one which can carry a penalty of years in prison.


The fake Ferguson riots impacted the national psyche at a delicate moment in the country’s consciousness, and one in which President Obama inflamed racial tensions across the nation. From the Trayvon Martin incident, which was judged by a jury to be a justified execution, to the Michael Brown action, also deemed to be justified, former President Obama seized every opportunity to incite racial hatred against white Americans and divide the races.

The revelation that Soros essentially worked in parallel with Obama to further amplify racial anger and fearmonger arrived as a shock to Americans. Many are calling for the Hungarian-born billionaire to be held accountable for his harmful, damaging actions to the country.

It is illegal to cross state lines with the intention of starting a riot. During the Ferguson riots, many homes and businesses were burned down to the ground. It now appears as if those fires may have been started by Soros employees with the goal of dividing the races against each other and starting a race war.

The Trump administration has not commented so far on what legal action, if any, they will take against Soros for these new revelations.


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