Far-Left Political Organizations Exploit Parkland Child Victims In Massive Psy-Op To Disarm Citizenry


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel listens as NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch speaks. Loesch, a rape survivor, was bullied, harassed, and verbally abused by the exclusively far-left crowd, while Israel, a Clinton supporter, was praised and wildly applauded for advocating the restriction of constitutional Second Amendment rights.

Sheriff Israel has come under fire for doing nothing about the shooter despite the police being called to his house 39 times, indirectly leading to the Parkland shooting. Remarkable, Israel has not only not apologized, he has had the gall to show his face in public and exploit the tragedy.

The American political left-wing machinery sprang into action after the Parkland school shooting, exploiting the child victims in a massive psychological operation designed to disarm the citizenry and restrict their Second Amendment rights.

Their propaganda arm CNN led the charge, working with far-left organizations to selectively pick child victims, rent busses, venues, and create signage to stage a massive psy-op designed to create the impression of national consensus.

Critics condemned the exploitation of child victims by the Democrat Party and their affiliated organizations, calling it “disgusting” and “sickening”. Many said they could never vote for the Democrats ever again after the spectacle of using child victims as human shields for their crass political purposes.

The act of exploiting the Parkland victims was compounded by the fact that the shooting was widely considered to be a creation of far-left Democrat policies, such as encouraging school violence through un-enforcement, the promotion of heavy psychotropic medication, and the degradation of culture through their Hollywood entertainment arm.

“The Democrats caused this shooting,” one insider remarked. “They need to sit down and shut up. They’re only making this worse.

The psy-op reached new heights on Wednesday night, as far-left CNN produced a propaganda spectacle straight out of Nazi Germany, with a hand-picked feral crowd and snotty, disrespectful activists comparing a Senator to a mass murderer, attacking the Second Amendment and its’ pre-eminent civil rights organization, all under the false pretense of representing child victims.

This scene was straight out of the Soviet Union:

The utilization of this particular insufferable individual, who is doing his best to destroy any remaining sympathy for the Parkland victims, highlights a trend that appears to be intentional among the political Left: the notion that attempting to publicly humiliate or embarrass your opponent is a substitute for actual discussion or dialogue.

The fact that this teenager is so extremely comfortable employing this particular technique tells us not only that this has become the Left’s primary technique for debate, but that it has become a taught methodology by leftist parents.

It is the tactic borne from the mindset of a totalitarian, who does not wish to compromise or exchange ideas, but instead wishes to psychologically shame their opponent into submission through carefully constructed stagecraft. The control of the building, filling it with far-left supporters, the creation of the embarrassment dynamic – it was all planned from the beginning by CNN. All they needed to do was find someone pompous, self-entitled, and full of himself to actually do it. This child does not even remotely represent the Parkland victims. He is an anomaly.

CNN carefully controlled the staged event, screening out any Parkland victims who did advocate restricting the Second Amendment, and instead populating the auditorium with far-left Democrats, their children, and their supporters.

Parkland shooting survivors who wished to ask questions about school security were banned by CNN from participating unless they engaged in the sham “town hall”, with one student testifying that he was ordered to read from a script or not participate.

The effect was a bizarre and disturbing jeering, bullying, and harassing environment, particularly when a rape survivor and spokeswoman for the civil rights organization NRA participated in the discussion. She was verbally abused from the crowd while passionately advocating for rape victims and survivors.

While there were thousands of students that survived the Parkland shooting, the major media corporations working in co-ordination with CNN selectively picked a handful to represent the entire student body. Those students were all primarily children of far-left parents and all advocate the restriction and elimination of the Second Amendment. Some have advocated violence against Republicans, NRA members, and others.

Critics said this small number of selective survivors does not represent the larger student body, or even the younger generation at large. Many younger students support school fortification, greater defenses, and the strengthening of a select number of qualified teachers.

The shadowy far-left organizations behind the bussing, organizing, signage, and booking of certain specific students stayed in the background. Yet within days of the shooting, a domain had been registered and an entire expensive website constructed for a propaganda operation staged for March 24. Many wondered which central organization was coordinating the PR spectacle, what office they were working out of, and where their funding was derived from. These questions are still unanswered.

The spectacle was a potent reminder of the power of the far-left-media complex, a synergistic co-operation among the major media corporations and political organizations that can convince many naive Americans of a false reality of the situation, and a reminder of the necessity of dismantling the structures that support and propagate far-left supremacy in society.


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