Progressives’ Incredibly Stupid Policies Killed The Parkland Kids



Progressives have blood on their hands. And it will continue if we don’t remove these dangerous morons from power come Election Day. 

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Opinion – When a gunman entered the Parkland High school and shot up the building, murdering 17 and wounding dozens, progressives’ wrung their hands in distress and cried out in despair. Then they proceeded to blame a civil rights organization that had nothing to do with the school or the shooter.

And yet, a deeper look into the Parkland massacre has revealed an ugly and disturbing indictment of the progressive movement as a whole: that it was their specific, brain-dead policies that directly led to and caused the deaths of those children.

Roughly 10 years ago, the Broward County school district and sheriff’s office entered into an agreement to fundamentally change their disciplinary policies as it relates specifically to brown and black students.

The progressives who ran the Broward County school system, as well as the progressives who controlled the police, looked at the disciplinary statistics and noticed that black and brown students were being disciplined, suspended, and expelled at a higher rate than their white or Asian peers.

Because the progressives come from a perspective that believes as a matter of faith that black and brown students are unfairly targeted by the “system” for no reason, they interpreted these statistics to mean that innocent black and brown students were being unjustly suspended and expelled by racist, corrupt school administrators. Then building upon this faulty premise, the Broward progressives did something so colossally stupid it still beggars belief, and in fact costed American lives:

They decided to simply stop disciplining black and brown students, no matter what they did, short of murder. 

The critical mistake the progressives made was in their explanation for why the disciplinary discrepancy existed.

The far simpler explanation was that black and brown students were being disciplined more because they were committing more disciplinary infractions.

In fact, the national crime statistics would seem to bear this conclusion out, as African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to commit crime, on average, than Caucasians or Asians, with Asians having the statistically lowest probability of committing criminal offenses.


This statistic does not mean that any race is genetically more predisposed to crime, but it could certainly point to differences in home life, stability, wealth, and a host of other potential factors among racial groups.

However, instead of attempting to help black and brown families resolve any issues that may have been harbingers of increased disciplinary issues, progressives instead decided to carve out an exemption in the entire school justice system, effectively creating a class that could not and would not be punished for criminal acts, seemingly no matter how severe.

It was within this new environment, created solely by the progressives in Broward County, that Nicholas Cruz entered the system and began to learn that disruptive, violent, and psychotic behavior would face virtually no consequence, not only in the school, but in his interactions with the sheriff’s office as well.

Under the old behavioral discipline system, Cruz would have been arrested a number of times and denied an opportunity to purchase a firearm when he ultimately made the decision to.

Under the new progressive system of justice, Cruz’ crimes were ignored, swept under the rug, concealed, hidden, and hushed up, all because the New System dictated that brown students would not be disciplined for behavioral infractions.

If the progressives in the Democrat Party of Broward County, from Sheriff Scott Israel to Superintendent Robert Runcie, had not drastically overhauled the school justice system and carved out an exemption for black and brown students, Cruz would have been arrested multiple, multiple times. He would not have passed a background check and he would not have been allowed to own a firearm.

But liberal progressive ideologues, obsessed with myths of systemic flaws, decided to act out their idiotic theories in real life, and it resulted in 17 murdered children, and dozens more maimed.

Progressives need to shut up and sit down when it comes to Parkland. They have the blood of innocent children on their hands.

The Broward County school system and the Sheriff’s office need to be sued into obliteration, Runcie & Israel should be charged with both criminal endangerment & dereliction of duty, and the entire justice system there needs to be torn down and built back up from scratch. Justice is blind. Whether you’re black, brown, white, or Asian, the disciplinary policies need to apply equally. But progressives, in all their stupidity, thought they knew better. And now promising young lives, in the dawn of their existence, were needlessly snuffed out by them.


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