President Trump Is On Track To Shape 25% Of The Federal Appeals Courts

Washington, DC – President Trump is on track to shape the direction of almost a quarter of the federal U.S. Courts of Appeals by the end of his first presidential term.

The U.S. Courts of Appeals are the powerful courts below the Supreme Court that determine a significant degree of domestic policy by reviewing decisions of trial courts for errors of law.

There are 13 appeals courts and 179 judge-ships on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.


As of June 4th, 2018, the Senate has confirmed 21 federal judges to the Appeals Courts, or roughly 11.7%:

Third Circuit: 

  • Stephanos Bibas

Fifth Circuit: 

  • Don Willett
  • James C. Ho
  • Kyle Duncan
  • Kurt D. Engelhardt

Sixth Circuit: 

  • Amul Thapar
  • John K. Bush
  • Joan Larsen
  • John B. Nalbandian

Seventh Circuit: 

  • Amy Coney-Barrett
  • Michael B. Brennan
  • Michael Y. Scudder
  • Amy J. St. Eve

Eighth Circuit:

  • Ralph R. Erickson
  • L. Steven Grasz
  • David Stras

Tenth Circuit:

  • Allison H. Eid
  • Joel M. Carson III

Eleventh Circuit:

  • Kevin Newsom
  • Elizabeth L. Branch

DC Circuit: 

  • Gregory G. Katsas

As of this writing, there are currently 14 vacancies on the U.S. Appeals courts and 10 nominations awaiting Senate action. If the 10 judges currently nominated are confirmed by the Senate, President Trump’s influence on the Appeals courts would increase to 17.3%.

Additionally, there are 8 announced U.S. Courts of Appeals vacancies projected to occur before the end of President Trump’s first term.

If the announced judicial Appeals Courts vacancies are confirmed before the end of President Trump’s first term in 2020, he would have nominated 43 judges to the powerful courts, for a presidential share of 24%.

Comparatively, President Obama successfully nominated 55 federal judges to the Appeals Courts during his regime, for a presidential share of 30.7%. However, that occurred over the course of two presidential terms spanning 8 years.


Several Thoughts On The Assault Of Faith Goldy In Canada

In viewing the assault of journalist and center-right activist Faith Goldy, several words of advice come to mind, which can really be applied to any individual who wishes to peaceable assemble or advocate for some policy position:

  1. Never, ever back away from a Stalinist mob. You have a right to stand exactly where you are in a public setting. If you are arrive at a rally that you know Stalinists will be at, select your spot carefully. If you are there to document as a journalist, set up at a distance. Set up close to the police. Do not appear as the aggressor. If they are going to advance menacingly with the threat of assaulting you, force them to make good on their threat by firmly standing your ground. Understand the legal process you need to follow afterwards to prosecute an assault and position yourself beforehand to have the strongest case possible by not provoking and not responding in violence.
  2. Optics are everything. Who appears rational? Who appears reasonable? Who appears deranged and violent? The optics are already bad for the Stalinist thugs in this video, but they could have been much, much better.
  3. Know your level of engagement before going in. In many cases, your engagement with Stalinists should be extremely, extremely limited. In some cases, you should absolutely not engage at all. If you are keeping your distance in a public area, in a group, and not engaging, that forces them to attack you, which is a terrible look for them.
  4. Understand your opposition. Stalinists are naturally aggressive and many are borderline criminal, if not outright criminal. They want to attack. They want to commit crimes against you. Their allies in the media want as much as possible to portray it as an equal conflict, a “clash”, with both sides equally violent. Never, ever give them that opportunity. If a gang of Stalinists is going to attack you, make sure it is on your terms: that you are stationed apart from them, in a group, peaceful, and not engaging them at all.
  5. Understand triangulation. Too many times, individuals, whether it is culturally or economically, are under the mistaken impression that they should engage communists or Stalinists. This is FALSE and nothing could be further from the truth. Your audience is NOT them. You will rarely, if ever, change their mind. Your audience is the public at home, the undecideds, the centrists, the independents, who are open and amenable to your message. Always, always, always craft your message with that audience in mind. Speak to them.
  6. With those principles in mind, the general perception of public civic engagement as undertaken by center-right activists needs a wholescale reevaluation. Speak to independents and speak of Stalinists in the third person. Never engage them directly. Select your public ground carefully and stand your ground. Never, ever retreat. Know your rights in public. Do not be inflammatory and tailor your rhetoric appropriately. Be as inclusive as possible when assembling your arguments while not compromising your position.
  7. With all of that being said, this is how Faith should have executed her mission: 
    1. Set up shop close to the police.
    2. Filmed and monitored the rally from a distance.
    3. When the Stalinists became aware of her entourage and approached her, she should have not engaged them. Simultaneously, she should have had at least two individuals with her, all filming each other for their own legal protection.
    4. Holding her ground, she should have stayed peacefully in her area and documented the interaction. The Stalinists would have no doubt begun with a verbal engagement, with the desire to escalate to something physical.
    5. If the Stalinists, being entirely unprovoked and approaching her territory of their own volition, then wished to assault her on top of that, she would have been on extremely strong legal ground. The police would be forced into a quandary, given her proximity and the fact that she did not provoke the attack. This would be a win, both optically and legally. If the police do not arrest the criminals, she has a strong case against the state. If they do, it is a public deterrent to future Stalinists that makes them aware of the law.
    6. In the absolute worst case, if they assault her, she stands her ground, and the police do absolutely nothing, she wins a great public relations victory. Regardless of her politics or beliefs, the entire world sees a woman who did nothing, who was savagely attacked by masked men. If, in the absolute worst case, the police did nothing, she sued and still lost, she would still have won the optics battle. That is literally the best outcome she could achieve given the stacked circumstances.
    7. Instead, it appears she approached them and engaged them. Even if she didn’t engage them, she failed to select her monitoring spot carefully, as she was a great distance away from law enforcement. Compounding the error, she did not stand her ground, giving the appearance of guilt. Why would anyone back away from a public area out of fear? To do so looks guilty.
    8. So not only did she not select a correct spot, stand her ground, and not engage, she was assaulted, and will most likely not sue. The optics look muddy, she looks guilty for backing away, and it looks like a skirmish between two sides to some extent. The police can claim plausible deniability because they were not close enough and thus she can not hold them accountable for their failure to enforce the law.
    9. People have to understand that the deck is stacked against them, but the entire game is not rigged. Yes, communists have allies in the press, but even they have limitations. Understand the rules of the game and position your moves accordingly. The public sphere is incredibly important and simply appearing in public is a powerful message in and of itself, which is why Stalinists are intent on literally eradicating you from it. The freedom to peaceably assemble is a very important one.

The Fascist Left Only Cares About Power

When Laura Ingraham writes a fairly innocuous, inane comment on Twitter, the fascists in journalism will spring into action and pump out series after series of articles about it, elevating it, giving it a platform, and placing pressure on the corporations.

When Michael Rapaport unleashes a vile, misogynistic, cyber-bullying rant against a woman in media, those same fascist journalists will blatantly suppress that story.

One event helps them gain power; the other does not.

The fascist Left does not care about misogyny, they do not care about decency, they do not care about victims, or women, or discourse, or civility.

They only care about power – how to gain it, how to to destroy their opponents who have it, and how to protect their allies who have it.

Everything else is window dressing to be utilized for that purpose. Understand the rules of the rigged game. Do not complain that the game is rigged. Of course it is. Learn the rules and become good at them.

The next time you see major news corporations writing about somebody “under fire” for sexism, racism, misogyny, or any other supposed moral crime, understand that the target is an enemy of the fascist Left and they seek to diminish their targets’ power.

They do not care about morality or fairness, or notions like honor or decency. Any tool available at their disposal will be used, regardless of how unseemly, immoral, or dishonorable. Lying and deception are viewed as tools to them. Keep that in mind the next time you see a coordinated attack by the Fascist Left.

Fascist Mob Launches Harassment Campaign Against Activist Laura Ingraham


A fascist hate mob launched a digital harassment and bullying campaign against a prominent self-defense activist, targeting her advertisers in an attempt to intimidate, threaten, and eliminate a powerful voice speaking out against their policies.

Fascists on Twitter organized a digital harassment campaign against prominent Second Amendment advocate Laura Ingraham, threatening her advertisers until some caved to the mob.

As of this writing, WayFair, Peak pet food, Expedia, & TripAdvisor had all publicly committed to withdrawing their advertisements from the Fox News host’s television show until further notice.

The pretext of the hate mob was a statement written by Ms. Ingraham admonishing a man for “whining” about being rejected from colleges. No Americans believed the pretext whatsoever and knew it was instead about Ms. Ingraham’s outspoken and loud advocacy for the Second Amendment and activism for constitutional freedoms.

George Soros funded groups and hacks were involved, as usual:

It is unknown at this point if there are any fascists on the boards of Wayfair, Expedia, TripAdvisor, or Peak. Many suspected that they simply wanted to launch a silencing campaign against the self-defense activist and used the pretext as plausible deniability.

The bullies took a victory lap on social media, taunting Ingraham over their power to intimidate corporations with threats and defamation campaigns:

The partnership between corporate behemoths and fascist activists illustrated a disturbing and growing trend in American society in 2018 of censorship, intimidation, and threats by the growing fascist Democrat Party.

The isolation and gang attack of Ms. Ingraham served two purposes: to silence and humiliate her personally, and to intimidate others watching. Fascist neo-Marxists have a long history of staging public humiliation campaigns in order to attempt to intimidate their enemies.

Ingraham made a tactical error by apologizing on Twitter, although it was most likely a compulsory move forced by her employer Fox News. An apology can be portrayed to the larger public as an admission of guilt and only serves to cement a narrative of Ingraham as the aggressor and her target as the victim.

In the wake of the Parkland murders, fascists lurking in the darkness have seized upon the tragedy to promulgate their talking points and hate speech from behind the faces of a select number of survivors, allowing them to attack any who protest as inhuman and lacking in sympathy.

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Michael Cernovich noted this well-documented tactic of Fascists using human shields for their propaganda:

The practice of fascists using human shields is a long and time honored tradition by them, whether it be Cindy Sheehan, to Gold Star parents attacking President Trump. It allows them to spew their hate speech through often times unwitting agents, and then neutralize incoming rebuttals by claiming victim status. Fascists generally do not subscribe to any moral standard, and thus see no problem in engaging in such tactics.

Conservatives, on the other hand, often do nothing other than complain and whine about such tactics instead of accepting that they are the rules of the game. Whilst fascists control the institutions of media, activism, and culture, they will always engage in immoral, unfair tactics against their enemies.

Fascist neo-Marxists see all struggles in terms of power and see their enemies as mere obstacles to be eliminated. Their perspective is fundamentally alien to the framework of rhetorical debate, a free exchange of ideas, mutual respect, and respect for humanity as outlined in the Founding documents and the Constitution.

Americans, libertarians, and conservatives must understand that the fascist cartel in America seeks only one thing and will commit any act, no matter how execrable, to accomplish it: the total control of power in the nation. Slander, libel, verbal assault, coordinated psychological assault, and in some cases physical violence are all merely tools in the fascists’ tool belt

They currently pose the greatest threat to liberty, peace, and freedom in the United States. It is for this reason that all dissenting factions must unite in the political defeat of the fascist class and forever shatter their control over the institutions of culture in the country: journalism, education, entertainment, activism, and technology.

The response to the mob assault on Laura Ingraham from conservative corners was disorganized and haphazard.

While journalist Mike Cernovich chided Ingraham for falling into such a predictable trap, others remained mostly silent or complained about the unfairness of it all.

They must instead immediately coalesce around the accurate narrative of a fascist mob silencing a woman and harassing her.

Many fascists in Ms. Ingraham’s Twitter comments verbally assaulted her in vile insults and with threats. Twitter support watched the cyber-bullying approvingly.

All Americans who stand against fascism must loudly condemn the digital assault of a freedom activist and stand together with her.

While Ms. Ingraham’s comment may have been in poor taste, the utilization of that as a pretext to intimidate and silence is far, far more disturbing.


Racists Use Austin Tragedy To Foment Climate Of Hate And Prejudice


Bigoted racists launched a false and defamatory campaign against white Americans and specifically men in the wake of the bombings, seizing upon the Austin tragedy and exploiting the race of the alleged perpetrator.

Regardless of the fact that zero evidence existed showing the Austin Bomber was motivated by race, gender, or religion, racists on social media exploited the anger in the aftermath to defame an entire demographic group based upon their prejudices.

The bomber, 24-year old Mark Conditt, has not left any clues so far as to his motivation. The only known online presence consists of a 6-year old Blogspot posting containing childish and simple arguments against gay marriage and against federal funding for abortion. Although he “identifies” as a conservative, he admits he barely knows what it means and does not really have any political ideas at the time. The blog postings appeared to be part of a school project, with the effort minimal and lacking in any real passion.

No other evidence appeared online as to the bomber’s state of mind.

Several images circulating on social media alleged that Conditt was a registered Democrat:

Conditt was raised in a Christian household and home-schooled for the entirety of his high school education, going on to Austin community college afterwards.

He worked for a precision manufacturing company, which may have been where he acquired some of his bomb-making expertise.

However, in the 6-year span since he completed his school project for community college, there is no paper or online trail of him at all. There is no evidence of a metamorphosis or conversion towards the ideological leftism which is endemic to the Austin community.

Racists on social media, however, launched a narrative defaming whites immediately:

The record shows there is zero evidence the bomber was an adherent of “white nationalism” or “Nazism”.

Although the bigots knew there was no evidence of a motive, they nevertheless propagated and perpetuated a false and misleading campaign smearing all white people, contributing to the already heightened tensions in the country.

Generally, terrorism is associated with violent actions which are driven by political motivations. Mentally unwell individuals who commit a string of violent acts are generally described as serial killers or something approximating that description.

The conflation with terrorism was part of a coordinated effort to paint an equivalency between radical Islamic terrorism, BLM targetings of law enforcement, and the Austin bombings. While Conditt did indeed blow up a bomb when law enforcement closed in on him, the term “suicide bomber” would not apply to prototypical radical Islamic attacks, where the primary goal is to murder large amounts of people in a suicide attack. It appears Conditt intended to evade law enforcement and only detonated the explosives as a last resort upon his impending capture.

While Conditt was indeed home-schooled, there is no evidence that he was “a devout Christian”.

The tabloid publication TMZ published a misleading article suggesting the bomber had recently been contemplating a mission trip, tarring the entire Christian faith in the process.

The record indicates the “mission trip” statement was derived from a comment Conditt’s mother made after his graduation in 2013. There is nothing to suggest Conditt ever completed or even contemplated a mission trip himself, as it could have been the wishful thinking of a devout mother for her son.

While many incidents of radical Islamic terrorism are quite clearly religiously motivated, with the attackers proclaiming “Allahu Akhbar”(God is greatest), with evidence of the perpetrators recently converting to Islam or attending mosques, there is no such equivalency in the Austin case.

Some racists used the tragedy to target online discussion boards like Reddit and 4chan:

While an anonymous user named “austinbomber” did indeed appear on Reddit claiming to be the perpetrator, police have not confirmed that as of this story publishing.

The notion that an online discussion forum is responsible for every single user to have ever posted there is not the thinking of serious people or experts. By the same standard, Twitter would be responsible for “radicalizing terrorists” for any random, unstable individual that created an account on their website.

The campaign to demonize white men was part of a larger strategy by the Democrat Party and its’ many coalitions to target their perceived political enemies. The voting base of Democrats has traditionally been African Americans, those of Hispanic descent, and white women. The Republicans’ voting base has traditionally been white men.

Noted Democrat activist Ed Krassenstein went to great pains to associate the race of the bomber with the act itself, stereotyping an entire ethnicity in the process.

The notion that race or gender played a motivating role in the bombings is a wholescale fabrication, as of the most recent news.

In the case of radical Islamic terrorism or BLM killings targeting law enforcement, there is usually a vast panoply of evidence pointing to a religious or racial motivation behind the criminal act.

it appeared that radical leftist factions are trying very hard to create an equivalency among their political enemies, the white male demographic. The problem is that it simply doesn’t exist. There is no single cohesive ideology to explain when murderous acts are perpetrated, save perhaps pharmaceutical or virulently leftist ones.

James Hodgkinson, a murderer who opened fire on Republicans, was an avid Rachel Maddow fan and supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Most school shooters have been on psychoactive pharmaceuticals of one variation or another.

The relatively isolated incidents of racially motivated incidents perpetrated by white individuals have generally emanated from the leftist Nazi movement, promoted by shadowy individuals such as Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and Jason Kessler, who was previously affiliated with the radical left. It is no secret that the Spencer-led ethno-socialist movement is leftist in economic origins, advocating a socialist homeland and universal healthcare.

Nevertheless, the uncomfortable facts did not dissuade radical leftist ideologues from bombarding social media with racist attacks:

The unfortunate reality is that racists do not care about murder, or the deaths of innocents, or even how many lives they destroy.

Tragedies are merely incidents to be used and exploited. Carnage is a crisis to be seized and manipulated.

The truth does not matter to racists. Facts are selectively cherry-picked to fit their agenda. They don’t care about the victims of the Austin Bomber, just like they don’t care about the victims of radical Islamic terrorism or BLM terrorists, which they suppress in the media.

They only highlight an event which they strategically believe will support their political and bigoted narrative; one which they believe will help them gain power.

Some citizens of integrity noticed the pattern:

In a profound statement on the current state of journalism in America, author and columnist Ann Coulter simply highlighted two headlines:

The campaign of hatred has contributed to a volatile environment, with Twitter acting as an enabler. Racist hate speech that goes unchallenged can build to a crescendo of ignorance and bigotry against the targeted community.

It is imperative to push back as one community, with voices raised, when racists in the dark corners of the Internet conspire to spread their hate. It is the duty of civic-minded Americans to stand up, call it out, and condemn it loudly, so that it does not become normalized.

At the time of publishing, Twitter had not deleted any of the racist tweets, leading many to wonder if their deafening silence was a tacit endorsement.

Andrew McCabe’s Firing Was The Shot Heard ‘Round The World


Andrew McCabe’s firing signaled to the traitors that Trump is coming for all of them. 

The wave of anger, ridicule, fearmongering, and outright hysteria that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing unleashed was not the simple reaction of a coddled oligarchic class, long insulated from the laws and rules that govern the peasants like us. It was something far deeper, much further reaching, and far more profound: it was the realization and recognition that President Donald Trump and his trusty Lieutenant Attorney General Jeff Sessions are dead serious about prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law each and every single criminal act the traitorous cabal perpetrated upon the nation.

What many have failed to see is that McCabe’s firing was notable because it foreshadowed the plans of AG Sessions, IG Horowitz, and the faceless, nameless prosecutor currently laboring in anonymity to bring down the largest criminal syndicate in American history.

It would have been virtually impossible to charge McCabe with criminal acts if he was not fired and allowed to retire in peace. The inverse is also true: in order to charge McCabe with the many, many crimes he has allegedly committed, he HAD to be fired.

Samantha Power, John Brennan, James Comey, and Eric Holder et al all realized that simple fact: the fact that Andrew McCabe was fired means it is all but certain that he will also be charged. And if McCabe will be charged, the likelihood of them being charged has just risen exponentially as well.

Their panic stems from following the logical path all the way to its’ conclusion of what exactly McCabe’s firing portends for all of them as co-conspirators and colluders.

Holder’s rhetoric suggests the traitorous syndicate will attempt to incite a Civil War in order to stay out of prison:




By framing the lawful and necessary actions of the noble men and women at the Department of Justice as some sort of rogue act perpetrated by a dictator gone mad, Holder is signaling to his compatriots that they will play this act to the end, even if it results in burning the nation to the ground.

When the arrests, indictments, and charges come, Holder, Brennan, Power, Rhodes, Clapper, & Comey, will all most likely perpetrate the narrative of a dictatorship rising, of innocent men and women framed, and call for massive rioting in the streets in an attempt to either frighten President Trump or remove him from power.

They have no choice. Any alternative leads to their imprisonment and possible execution for being traitors to the nation.

President Trump has slowly boxed them in. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking his time, dotting every i and crossing every t, methodically and patiently working his way through the investigation and gathering evidence.

The question of a corrupt jury still remains, and it remains to be seen how the patriots in power will be able to avoid that pitfall.

They started by rounding up the smaller players like Strzok and Page, who are allegedly cooperating, and are now slowly working their way up the hierarchy.

The statement by former CIA Director John Brennan, in response to the AG lawfully and correctly following the OPR’s recommendation to fire a lying and corrupt Deputy Director, was so bizarre, shocking, and revealing, that it exposes a cabal of traitors in open panic:


Just to place this statement in its’ proper context: this is in response to the DOJ Inspector General’s findings, the Office of Personal Responsibility recommendation to terminate, and the AG accepting those findings and terminating.

For a former CIA Director to make such a ridiculous, hostile, threatening, and nakedly partisan statement is so inappropriate, Donald Trump himself couldn’t have done a better job in discrediting the entire CIA under Barack Obama.

Samantha Power followed that incredibly hostile threat with a threat of her own, revealing just how much the criminal gang is dissembling, panicking, and beginning to lose the script:



Barack Obama cultivated an environment of lawlessness within his administration. The air of corruptness seeped into every pore of every individual immoral enough to collaborate. It culminated in a regime so arrogant, so secluded, so controlling, and so far above the people, that they truly believed themselves invincible. Their unassailable power convinced them there was no criminal act that would be prosecuted, no act of calumny for which they would face justice.

President Donald Trump’s election, a miracle that was never supposed to occur, altered the timeline of history, and cleaved the universe in two, switching tracks and diverting the train of the Republic away from certain despotic destruction at the last scintilla of a second.

Everything since then has been panic, and it has only just begun.

The small cabal of treasonous conspirators have only one last card to play, and it is one that threatens to destroy the United States and cast the nation into Civil War. If and when the charges are unveiled against the top coterie of collaborators, they will portray it as an act of a dictator silencing his critics and will activate their mobs in the streets. All of Soros’ hundreds of groups, acting as the tentacles of a well-oiled machine, will spring into synchronized action and flood the streets with thousands upon thousands of brainwashed zombies, fully incited with false righteous anger and ready to commit civil unrest.

This is the final test for Trump.

Some have already begun to see this approaching upon the horizon:

The prosecutor could, likely would, be having to outline the biggest political conspiracy in the history of politics.  It is entirely possible officials within the CIA, NSA, DOJ, FBI, State Department, ODNI, and national security apparatus along with the Obama White House, Clinton campaign officials, politicians, career bureaucrats and possibly judges are all entwined and involved.

Add into this likelihood the complicit ideological media who will go absolutely bananas about any single member of their team being indicted; and a better than average chance the media will follow instructions from their leadership and send tens-of-thousands of low-info sycophants into the streets in protest, and well… you see the picture.

Trump will have already anticipated this final move, and will have game-planned it out ten ways from Sunday.

Q has hinted at the Marines being involved:

One certainty is that Democrat mayors, Governors, and legislators will do everything in their power to handcuff the police, incite the mobs to violence, and try as hard as possible to ignite a civil war.

It is possible Trump will have to activate portions of the Insurrection Act.

Furthermore, if George Soros mobilizes his hundreds of front groups to riot and cause civil unrest, he could be held directly and criminally liable for crossing state lines to incite a riot.

It becomes a dangerous game of win-win for Trump. If Soros mobilizes his hordes, Trump can imprison him. If Soros stands down out of fear, the imprisonment of Soros’ domestic traitor agents proceeds with zero fuss. Trump wins either way.

The McCabe firing was the shot heard round the world and everyone who is guilty knows exactly what it meant.

As has previously been reported on The Storm, Trump is gearing up for a major offensive.

The hiring of patriotic lion and stalwart for justice Joe DiGenova merely confirms the fact that Trump is girding his loins for battle.

Progressives’ Incredibly Stupid Policies Killed The Parkland Kids



Progressives have blood on their hands. And it will continue if we don’t remove these dangerous morons from power come Election Day. 

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Opinion – When a gunman entered the Parkland High school and shot up the building, murdering 17 and wounding dozens, progressives’ wrung their hands in distress and cried out in despair. Then they proceeded to blame a civil rights organization that had nothing to do with the school or the shooter.

And yet, a deeper look into the Parkland massacre has revealed an ugly and disturbing indictment of the progressive movement as a whole: that it was their specific, brain-dead policies that directly led to and caused the deaths of those children.

Roughly 10 years ago, the Broward County school district and sheriff’s office entered into an agreement to fundamentally change their disciplinary policies as it relates specifically to brown and black students.

The progressives who ran the Broward County school system, as well as the progressives who controlled the police, looked at the disciplinary statistics and noticed that black and brown students were being disciplined, suspended, and expelled at a higher rate than their white or Asian peers.

Because the progressives come from a perspective that believes as a matter of faith that black and brown students are unfairly targeted by the “system” for no reason, they interpreted these statistics to mean that innocent black and brown students were being unjustly suspended and expelled by racist, corrupt school administrators. Then building upon this faulty premise, the Broward progressives did something so colossally stupid it still beggars belief, and in fact costed American lives:

They decided to simply stop disciplining black and brown students, no matter what they did, short of murder. 

The critical mistake the progressives made was in their explanation for why the disciplinary discrepancy existed.

The far simpler explanation was that black and brown students were being disciplined more because they were committing more disciplinary infractions.

In fact, the national crime statistics would seem to bear this conclusion out, as African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to commit crime, on average, than Caucasians or Asians, with Asians having the statistically lowest probability of committing criminal offenses.


This statistic does not mean that any race is genetically more predisposed to crime, but it could certainly point to differences in home life, stability, wealth, and a host of other potential factors among racial groups.

However, instead of attempting to help black and brown families resolve any issues that may have been harbingers of increased disciplinary issues, progressives instead decided to carve out an exemption in the entire school justice system, effectively creating a class that could not and would not be punished for criminal acts, seemingly no matter how severe.

It was within this new environment, created solely by the progressives in Broward County, that Nicholas Cruz entered the system and began to learn that disruptive, violent, and psychotic behavior would face virtually no consequence, not only in the school, but in his interactions with the sheriff’s office as well.

Under the old behavioral discipline system, Cruz would have been arrested a number of times and denied an opportunity to purchase a firearm when he ultimately made the decision to.

Under the new progressive system of justice, Cruz’ crimes were ignored, swept under the rug, concealed, hidden, and hushed up, all because the New System dictated that brown students would not be disciplined for behavioral infractions.

If the progressives in the Democrat Party of Broward County, from Sheriff Scott Israel to Superintendent Robert Runcie, had not drastically overhauled the school justice system and carved out an exemption for black and brown students, Cruz would have been arrested multiple, multiple times. He would not have passed a background check and he would not have been allowed to own a firearm.

But liberal progressive ideologues, obsessed with myths of systemic flaws, decided to act out their idiotic theories in real life, and it resulted in 17 murdered children, and dozens more maimed.

Progressives need to shut up and sit down when it comes to Parkland. They have the blood of innocent children on their hands.

The Broward County school system and the Sheriff’s office need to be sued into obliteration, Runcie & Israel should be charged with both criminal endangerment & dereliction of duty, and the entire justice system there needs to be torn down and built back up from scratch. Justice is blind. Whether you’re black, brown, white, or Asian, the disciplinary policies need to apply equally. But progressives, in all their stupidity, thought they knew better. And now promising young lives, in the dawn of their existence, were needlessly snuffed out by them.