A List Of Major Prosecutions Made By The Trump Administration

Washington, DC – This is a list of major prosecutions made by the Trump Justice Department.

The Department of Justice has 27 investigations into classified leaks of information, according to testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the House Judiciary Committee.

June 22, 2017 – Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year old contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Georgia, was charged with “removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet,” according to a federal complaint. Update: She pled guilty on Tuesday as part of an agreement with prosecutors that calls for a sentence of 63 months in prison.

March 29, 2018 – Terry James Albury, a former FBI agent in Minnesota, was charged with sharing classified documents with a news organization.

April 19, 2018 – A criminal referral for Andrew McCabe was sent by the IG to the Justice Department for lying to DOJ IG investigators.

May 8, 2018 – Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a 53-year old former CIA case officer and US citizen, was charged with unauthorized possession of classified material and conspiring to commit espionage.

June 5, 2018 – Ron Rockwell Hansen, a 58-year old former Defense Intelligence Agency case officer, was arrested in Seattle and charged with attempted espionage, in what appears to be another high-profile mole hunt by F.B.I. investigators intent on uncovering Chinese spying against the United States.

June 7, 2018 – James A. Wolfe, the 57-year old Senate Intelligence Committee’s director of security, was charged with lying repeatedly to investigators about his contacts with three reporters.

June 8, 2018 – Kevin Mallory, a 61-year old former C.I.A. case officer faces life in prison after he was found guilty of espionage charges and lying to the F.B.I. about his contacts with Chinese intelligence.

June 18, 2018 – Joshua A. Schulte, a former 29-year old software engineer in New York was charged with stealing classified information, theft of government property and lying to the F.B.I. Schulte was also charged with receipt, possession and transportation of child pornography. On his personal computer, federal agents said they found an “encrypted container” with more than 10,000 images and videos of child pornography.


Andrew McCabe’s Firing Was The Shot Heard ‘Round The World


Andrew McCabe’s firing signaled to the traitors that Trump is coming for all of them. 

The wave of anger, ridicule, fearmongering, and outright hysteria that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing unleashed was not the simple reaction of a coddled oligarchic class, long insulated from the laws and rules that govern the peasants like us. It was something far deeper, much further reaching, and far more profound: it was the realization and recognition that President Donald Trump and his trusty Lieutenant Attorney General Jeff Sessions are dead serious about prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law each and every single criminal act the traitorous cabal perpetrated upon the nation.

What many have failed to see is that McCabe’s firing was notable because it foreshadowed the plans of AG Sessions, IG Horowitz, and the faceless, nameless prosecutor currently laboring in anonymity to bring down the largest criminal syndicate in American history.

It would have been virtually impossible to charge McCabe with criminal acts if he was not fired and allowed to retire in peace. The inverse is also true: in order to charge McCabe with the many, many crimes he has allegedly committed, he HAD to be fired.

Samantha Power, John Brennan, James Comey, and Eric Holder et al all realized that simple fact: the fact that Andrew McCabe was fired means it is all but certain that he will also be charged. And if McCabe will be charged, the likelihood of them being charged has just risen exponentially as well.

Their panic stems from following the logical path all the way to its’ conclusion of what exactly McCabe’s firing portends for all of them as co-conspirators and colluders.

Holder’s rhetoric suggests the traitorous syndicate will attempt to incite a Civil War in order to stay out of prison:




By framing the lawful and necessary actions of the noble men and women at the Department of Justice as some sort of rogue act perpetrated by a dictator gone mad, Holder is signaling to his compatriots that they will play this act to the end, even if it results in burning the nation to the ground.

When the arrests, indictments, and charges come, Holder, Brennan, Power, Rhodes, Clapper, & Comey, will all most likely perpetrate the narrative of a dictatorship rising, of innocent men and women framed, and call for massive rioting in the streets in an attempt to either frighten President Trump or remove him from power.

They have no choice. Any alternative leads to their imprisonment and possible execution for being traitors to the nation.

President Trump has slowly boxed them in. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking his time, dotting every i and crossing every t, methodically and patiently working his way through the investigation and gathering evidence.

The question of a corrupt jury still remains, and it remains to be seen how the patriots in power will be able to avoid that pitfall.

They started by rounding up the smaller players like Strzok and Page, who are allegedly cooperating, and are now slowly working their way up the hierarchy.

The statement by former CIA Director John Brennan, in response to the AG lawfully and correctly following the OPR’s recommendation to fire a lying and corrupt Deputy Director, was so bizarre, shocking, and revealing, that it exposes a cabal of traitors in open panic:


Just to place this statement in its’ proper context: this is in response to the DOJ Inspector General’s findings, the Office of Personal Responsibility recommendation to terminate, and the AG accepting those findings and terminating.

For a former CIA Director to make such a ridiculous, hostile, threatening, and nakedly partisan statement is so inappropriate, Donald Trump himself couldn’t have done a better job in discrediting the entire CIA under Barack Obama.

Samantha Power followed that incredibly hostile threat with a threat of her own, revealing just how much the criminal gang is dissembling, panicking, and beginning to lose the script:



Barack Obama cultivated an environment of lawlessness within his administration. The air of corruptness seeped into every pore of every individual immoral enough to collaborate. It culminated in a regime so arrogant, so secluded, so controlling, and so far above the people, that they truly believed themselves invincible. Their unassailable power convinced them there was no criminal act that would be prosecuted, no act of calumny for which they would face justice.

President Donald Trump’s election, a miracle that was never supposed to occur, altered the timeline of history, and cleaved the universe in two, switching tracks and diverting the train of the Republic away from certain despotic destruction at the last scintilla of a second.

Everything since then has been panic, and it has only just begun.

The small cabal of treasonous conspirators have only one last card to play, and it is one that threatens to destroy the United States and cast the nation into Civil War. If and when the charges are unveiled against the top coterie of collaborators, they will portray it as an act of a dictator silencing his critics and will activate their mobs in the streets. All of Soros’ hundreds of groups, acting as the tentacles of a well-oiled machine, will spring into synchronized action and flood the streets with thousands upon thousands of brainwashed zombies, fully incited with false righteous anger and ready to commit civil unrest.

This is the final test for Trump.

Some have already begun to see this approaching upon the horizon:

The prosecutor could, likely would, be having to outline the biggest political conspiracy in the history of politics.  It is entirely possible officials within the CIA, NSA, DOJ, FBI, State Department, ODNI, and national security apparatus along with the Obama White House, Clinton campaign officials, politicians, career bureaucrats and possibly judges are all entwined and involved.

Add into this likelihood the complicit ideological media who will go absolutely bananas about any single member of their team being indicted; and a better than average chance the media will follow instructions from their leadership and send tens-of-thousands of low-info sycophants into the streets in protest, and well… you see the picture.

Trump will have already anticipated this final move, and will have game-planned it out ten ways from Sunday.

Q has hinted at the Marines being involved:

One certainty is that Democrat mayors, Governors, and legislators will do everything in their power to handcuff the police, incite the mobs to violence, and try as hard as possible to ignite a civil war.

It is possible Trump will have to activate portions of the Insurrection Act.

Furthermore, if George Soros mobilizes his hundreds of front groups to riot and cause civil unrest, he could be held directly and criminally liable for crossing state lines to incite a riot.

It becomes a dangerous game of win-win for Trump. If Soros mobilizes his hordes, Trump can imprison him. If Soros stands down out of fear, the imprisonment of Soros’ domestic traitor agents proceeds with zero fuss. Trump wins either way.

The McCabe firing was the shot heard round the world and everyone who is guilty knows exactly what it meant.

As has previously been reported on The Storm, Trump is gearing up for a major offensive.

The hiring of patriotic lion and stalwart for justice Joe DiGenova merely confirms the fact that Trump is girding his loins for battle.

Calls Grow For Criminal Negligence Charges Against The Broward County Sheriff’s Office


In the wake of overwhelming new evidence, many are calling for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to be charged with criminal negligence for the murder of 17 individuals in the Parkland shooting.

The newest damning information to come to light was the revelation that a Broward County deputy arrived at the school during the shooting and refused to intervene. Deputy Scott Peterson reportedly arrived just 90 seconds into the shooting and stayed frozen in place for over 6 minutes as child after child was gunned down in cold blood.

Critics called for Peterson and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to be charged with criminal negligence.

A petition has been created on Change.Org to immediately arrest and charge Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel & Broward County deputy Scott Peterson with criminal negligence and manslaughter. Sign the petition here!


The revelation came after it was brought to light that Broward County deputies had been called to the murderer’s house 39 separate times, and had been informed that Nikolas Cruz had placed a gun to another person’s head.

Additionally, information came to light that Broward County engaged in an almost decade-long conspiracy to violate their oath of office and let crime go unpunished:

In addition, an individual close to Cruz placed a phone call to the FBI in January and informed them that Cruz was a dangerous threat for a school shooting, and subsequently gave them all of his information.

Additionally, a Mississippi man notified the FBI last year that Cruz left a comment on a Youtube video that stated “I’m gonna be a professional school shooter”, to which the FBI subsequently did not follow up.

Cruz was known to get into fights at school and posted pictures of dead animals on his Instagram page.

With all of the above facts, it remains unclear as to why Broward County did not escalate their measures, why the FBI did not interview Cruz, and why Parkland did not expel him.

The revelation that an armed deputy stood coldly outside the school as child after child was murdered may meet the legal definition for criminal negligence, legal experts said. Similarly, the decision by Broward County Sheriff Scott Peterson to not escalate investigative measures with Cruz after his lengthy interactions with the police department may also render him legally liable for criminal charges.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions & President Donald Trump have not yet commented on whether the deputy or the Sheriff should be brought up on federal or state charges.

The sheriff’s department may also face civil lawsuits due to their inaction with a clearly unstable individual, as well as the Parkland school system. Writers at TCT have documented how Parkland eliminated enforcement measures for criminal students, and in some cases had school officers alter crime records to improve their statistics.