Calls Grow For Criminal Negligence Charges Against The Broward County Sheriff’s Office


In the wake of overwhelming new evidence, many are calling for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to be charged with criminal negligence for the murder of 17 individuals in the Parkland shooting.

The newest damning information to come to light was the revelation that a Broward County deputy arrived at the school during the shooting and refused to intervene. Deputy Scott Peterson reportedly arrived just 90 seconds into the shooting and stayed frozen in place for over 6 minutes as child after child was gunned down in cold blood.

Critics called for Peterson and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to be charged with criminal negligence.

A petition has been created on Change.Org to immediately arrest and charge Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel & Broward County deputy Scott Peterson with criminal negligence and manslaughter. Sign the petition here!


The revelation came after it was brought to light that Broward County deputies had been called to the murderer’s house 39 separate times, and had been informed that Nikolas Cruz had placed a gun to another person’s head.

Additionally, information came to light that Broward County engaged in an almost decade-long conspiracy to violate their oath of office and let crime go unpunished:

In addition, an individual close to Cruz placed a phone call to the FBI in January and informed them that Cruz was a dangerous threat for a school shooting, and subsequently gave them all of his information.

Additionally, a Mississippi man notified the FBI last year that Cruz left a comment on a Youtube video that stated “I’m gonna be a professional school shooter”, to which the FBI subsequently did not follow up.

Cruz was known to get into fights at school and posted pictures of dead animals on his Instagram page.

With all of the above facts, it remains unclear as to why Broward County did not escalate their measures, why the FBI did not interview Cruz, and why Parkland did not expel him.

The revelation that an armed deputy stood coldly outside the school as child after child was murdered may meet the legal definition for criminal negligence, legal experts said. Similarly, the decision by Broward County Sheriff Scott Peterson to not escalate investigative measures with Cruz after his lengthy interactions with the police department may also render him legally liable for criminal charges.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions & President Donald Trump have not yet commented on whether the deputy or the Sheriff should be brought up on federal or state charges.

The sheriff’s department may also face civil lawsuits due to their inaction with a clearly unstable individual, as well as the Parkland school system. Writers at TCT have documented how Parkland eliminated enforcement measures for criminal students, and in some cases had school officers alter crime records to improve their statistics.