Trump’s Strategy Regarding The Obama FBI & DOJ Is Much More Far-Reaching Than It Appears


Many people have been impatient since President Donald Trump was elected, particularly his most ardent followers. They have wondered why it appears nothing has been done in regards to the Clinton email investigation, the Uranium One investigation, or many other scandals that occurred during the Obama regime.

But it appears as if Trump is taking a different tack, a longer, yet more consequential angle to restoring justice within the American government and the nation at large.

Most disclosures over the past few months and in 2017 in particular have focused on rogue agents within the top investigative bodies of the federal government. As each disturbing story has trickled out, the Trump investigators have painted the broad strokes of a Department of Justice and FBI gone rogue, stacked with partisan operatives, disobeying rules and protocols, and desecrating justice in their singleminded goal of preserving the Obama allies power.

What Trump is doing is far broader and expansive, yet far more incisive and deep than a mere revisiting of individual and specific cases.

He is making a case for an entirely corrupted Justice Department under Obama, and one in which potentially every case could be revisited. 

Q Anon has spoken of this possibility in various cryptic ways. Even Cernovich recently reported that there mere possibility of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe tampering with evidential forms could cause all of his former cases to be thrown into question.

There is a double-edged nature to this level of disclosure, as the realization that tens, if not hundreds, of law enforcement cases may have been subject to miscarriage of justice could cause a societal upheaval on par with a political earthquake of enormous proportions. It is a dangerous undertaking.

And yet, in many ways, Trump may have no choice. Evil can never be too big to confront. President Trump may have to demolish the Department all the way down to the studs and reconstruct it, if that is what true justice demands.

The President’s strategy may take longer. But he has been consistently and patiently hammering this simple theme into the minds of the American people: the American Justice system was perverted, corrupted, and misused under the Obama administration. 

And once that narrative is deeply embedded into the American psyche, all of the prior crimes can be fully revisited, investigated, and expunged.


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Committed Crime By Altering Flynn Interview Record, Mike Cernovich Reports

Acting FBI Director McCabe pauses while testifying before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act on Capitol Hill in Washington

Update: GateWay Pundit has reported on this story as well.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe committed a crime by altering the 302 interview form used to indict Lt. General Mike Flynn, independent journalist Mike Cernovich reported on February 18, 2018.

There had already been rumors reported by journalist Sara Carter that McCabe had directed his subordinates to alter 302’s, an act that is illegal and unethical. Carter reported this on Sean Hannity’s television show on January 29th, 2018.

Cernovich correctly stated that if the public was made aware of the FBI tampering with witness forms, “it would call thousands of FBI investigations into question.”

“It’s full on freak-out mode, as no one know how to spin this.” Cernovich reported.

The independent journalist has had major scoops in the past, most notably the Susan Rice unmasking scandal.

There are several major crimes being currently investigated by the federal government, among them leaking of classified intelligence and withholding critical information from a FISA court judge. The McCabe bombshell, however, would be the first instance of a specific individual within the former Obama administration being identified as having committed a crime.

McCabe was recently removed from his position by FBI Director Christopher Wray. Speculation has abounded that it was due to the upcoming DOJ Inspector General report, which allegedly unearthed the McCabe criminal acts.

If the former FBI Deputy Director has indeed been caught in illegality, it no doubt is of tremendous concern to his direct superiors who may have also been engaging in it, among them former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and possibly even former President Barack Obama.

Due to previous reporting, we know that officials within the Obama DOJ have begun co-operating with the criminal investigation, among them potentially Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others. It remains to be seen if Andrew McCabe will also cooperate with federal investigators and turn state’s evidence. If so, James Comey must be quite troubled.

Federal investigators generally begin with low-level individuals and then threaten them with the full conviction sentences of their crimes in order to make them flip and testify against their superiors.

If Page, Strzok, & Priestap are already testifying against their superiors, and if McCabe testifies as well, Comey’s conviction is all but certain. Given the Clinton’s associates remarkably coincidental ability to turn up dead, McCabe & Comey must both not be sleeping well tonight.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Q Anon Makes BOMBSHELL Prediction Of Upcoming DHS Election Fraud Report

Q Anon, the anonymous alleged high-level intelligence operative who has been dropping cryptic messages on the encrypted anonymous discussion board 8chan, made a jaw-dropping prediction when he said DHS would soon come out with a report stating MILLIONS of illegal votes were discovered.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”
Future proves past: In an effort to preserve the integrity of all U.S. elections, as ordered by the President of the United States, after an extensive investigation in select counties (the ‘sampling’), the DHS has concluded that while Russian entities (as outlined within SC Mueller’s investigation were complicit in attempting to undermine the presidential election of 2016) had no direct impact or bearing on the outcome of the presidential election, nor were any U.S. person(s) knowingly part of such an attempt to sabotage as it relates to the Russian investigation, U.S. and other foreign entities (as further described within DHS[XXXX]), acting outside of Russian agents, did attempt on numerous occasions, and were successful, in interfering w/ the presidential election of 2016, senate elections of [x, y, z], [x] elections, whereby several million of illegal, non-resident ballots (the “irregularities”) were counted, while legal ballots were improperly tabulated and/or intentionally mishandled.
We believe these actions were a coordinated attack against the democracy of our country. The DHS will be submitting a final report to the WH/DOJ/other state and local agencies outlining our findings as early as March [ ], 2018. While this report only encompasses a sampling of twenty-two (22) counties across the U.S., it is strongly suggested, based on the evidence provided, that a mandated countrywide investigation begin under the recommended US50-EIC guidelines as set forth in Section VII of the final report.
Furthermore, based on our immediate findings, we recommend the adoption of 8(E)(F)(G)(H) be made immediately to combat sources & methods currently being deployed to ………………………….. The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank.

Praying Medic does a fantastic job of consolidating and interpreting Q’s posts.

This is quite frankly a bombshell prediction by Q that will either solidify and enshrine his credibility or utterly destroy it. Either the DHS makes this finding or they do not.

Update: InfoWars is now reporting on this story as well.

I also do not know the laws of classification and whether the supposed excerpt of this alleged report is classified or not. If I had to guess, I would wager not, as the Trump administration does everything by the book, and will often spend more time than usual dotting all the i’s and the t’s, usually to the frustration of their followers, who demand fast justice. In reality, this is exactly the tack you should take when taking on deviant criminals of this nature, as they are extremely technical, very savvy on the law, and will take even an inch of legal daylight if it is offered. They simply have NO choice but to make sure their case is airtight.

What Q essentially said is that the DHS will be completing their election integrity investigation very soon, and that among their findings will be a statement that US and foreign entities committed intentional election fraud, to the tune of MILLIONS of illegal votes. This finding will supposedly be the result of studying ONLY 22 counties. How that is even possible is completely beyond me. That would imply that there was tens of millions of illegal votes counted, if one extrapolates that trend over the entire nation.

There are really only two possibilities:

  • 1) DHS does not release this finding, they do not state that they found millions of illegal votes, and Q Anon is completely discredited as an individual. His cache and reputation will be virtually destroyed.
  • 2) DHS does indeed release this finding. If this occurs, Q’s reputation will be completely and solidly established. His credibility will be virtually unassailable from that point on. But beyond that, the reaction to this action by DHS will be so extreme and violent that it merits much further scrutiny, and thus we will examine that scenario in greater depth:

Scenario 2: If the Department of Homeland Security does indeed release a report from their investigation on election integrity that states MILLIONS of illegal votes were counted in the 2016 presidential election due to massive fraud by American AND foreign entities, the Left and their associated front groups will go absolutely nuts.

They will simply have no choice as they will immediately realize the ramifications that this will hold for the 2018 elections and beyond. 

They will understand that this announcement will mark the beginning of a process of nullifying all of the election fraud that they have been perpetrating upon the nation. It will be a declaration of open warfare essentially, of Trump baring his fangs and signaling that he is charging directly at them and their criminality.

Beyond the implications that this will hold for their electoral gains in 2018, they understand that this will also result in possible criminal charges and convictions for all of the fraud that they committed in the past. Many of us have long suspected that the Democrat Party has been committing absolutely massive electoral fraud, but have never had the correct people with both the ability and the will in the correct position to both investigate and prosecute.

I would expect the major figures within the political American Left to immediately begin targeting the source of the report, beginning with DHS. Since their tactics dictate that they single an individual out, they will most likely target the lead investigator or the author of the report. They may also target Kirstjen Nielsen as they already landed a couple punches on her with Cory Booker’s histrionics over the s**thole incident, so they may find it beneficial to make her the face of the report and further launch negative branding attacks against her.

It’s very easy to know what the Left will say because they simply reverse the truth about whatever is occurring. Therefore, since Trump is attempting to restore election integrity, they will say that he is destroying election integrity. Since he is attempting to restore transparency and eliminate corruption, they will say that he is corrupt and attempting to subvert the rule of law. They will say that he is a dictator attempting to fix the upcoming elections. I see it getting very vicious. The Left will realize that this is virtually a life-or-death struggle.

I have long believed that the political Left in this country is vastly, vastly over-represented, both in media, journalism, culture, and most importantly, government. The projection of their strength and numbers is essentially a facade. Once Trump eliminates the voter fraud, I anticipate them being virtually wiped out as a political force.

Therefore, expect them to empty the tank. I would expect them to activate all sleeper cells, all Hodgkinsons, all their Antifa factions, all their marches, etc.. Expect full hysteria from their propaganda organs. Where that leads could be anyone’s guess.

It is also possible that they hold their fire for the full report from DHS after they investigate every single county in America, but I highly doubt that, as they always wish to soften the psychological landscape as early as possible in order to imprint their narrative. They are in many ways slaves to their tactical methodology and Trump is one of the first to exploit it by getting them to overreact.

Regardless, the upcoming action by DHS in regards to their election integrity investigation should bring some much needed clarity to we the American people either way, and we should welcome it. A cleansing is sometimes painful, but always necessary.


Why Did The Conspirators Outsource The Fake Intel Document?

The fake intel document scandal, aka the “dossier” story, is one that is not explained as succinctly as it should. In conservative media, and Fox in particular, it is very convoluted and confusing.

The bottom line is Obama wanted to spy on Trump. And so he needed a way to do that.

Enter the fake document.

The spying court will not approve spying unless there is adequate justification. They already denied Obama when he tried in June.

So they needed fake intel to justify spying on Trump.

You can only spy on somebody if they’re a criminal and a target of an investigation.

So they needed to say Trump was a criminal. That was virtually impossible.

So they needed to say an associate of Trump was a criminal. MUCH, MUCH easier.

Enter Carter Page.

The nature of the powerful spying they got (Title One) meant if they got an associate of Trump, they could also spy on Trump the minute that associate contacted him.

So they needed a justification to spy on Trump’s associate, Carter Page.

Enter the fake intel document.

Enlist an outside front group Fusion GPS.


This was not a choice. It was absolute NECESSITY.

The DOJ & the FBI could simply not fabricate the information needed. Even that was a step too far. That in and of itself should illuminate just how crazy these people were. The top leadership had been PACKED with criminal hacks, and even they knew they couldn’t fabricate the fake intel they needed.

So they enlisted an outside front group. They HAD to.

They plant the wife of one of their guys into the outside group.

DOJ official Bruce Ohr sends his wife to Fusion GPS to make sure the correct fake intel is created.

She collaborates with Clinton hacks Chris Steele & Cody Shearer. She even uses ham radio in an apparent attempt to evade detection.

They fabricate the fake intel they need and feed it back to the FBI/DOJ.

NOW DOJ has the fake intel they need to get their spying.

They go before the court, present their fake intel, and intentionally lie about its’ origins. They intentionally DO NOT TELL the judge who created this.

They even plant a story in Yahoo News about this fake document, then cite the Yahoo News article in their court application. It’s all fake!

You see, when extremely intelligent criminals plan on doing something, they know that it needs to look as legitimate as possible. So if they want to spy on Trump, they know it needs a legitimate veneer. And the only legitimate excuse for spying on an American citizen is if, a) that person is a criminal, and b) possibly a traitor.

So when you hear Hannity bloviating on and on about the “dossier” (a word I hate because it lends that piece of garbage legitimacy), and Fusion, and Hillary, just remember this:

They were all working together. They were all on the same team. They were conspirators in a conspiracy. It was all the same group. Everything else, Fusion, Steele, Shearer, Ohr, etc.. was just moving parts intended to create the appearance of separation.

They were all on the same team. 

Investigation Heats Up As Conspirators Begin To Co-operate With Federal Investigators

It was indirectly confirmed by multiple sources that potential conspirators within the FISA-Gate scandal have begun to cooperate with federal investigators working within the Department of Justice.

In an interview with Judge Jeannine, Chris Stewart demurred when asked if Bill Priestap was cooperating with federal investigators. Stewart indirectly confirmed that Priestap was indeed co-operating by predicting that his name would emerge in the future as a big figure.

Speculation has been rife that Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page have already flipped and begun co-operating with the DOJ OIG Horowitz investigation. Both FBI officials are still at the organization, remarkably enough.

In a radio interview, former US District Attorney Joe DiGenova predicted former FBI Director James Comey would eventually be charged with a crime. “He is ultimately going to be charged with a crime,” DiGenova said on air.

Furthermore, DiGenova dropped a bombshell in that same interview by saying Judge Rudolph Contreras did NOT recuse himself from the Michael Flynn case, but was instead removed by his superiors due to Contreras being on the FISA court that possibly approved the wiretapping warrant.

There are multiple crimes that have already been uncovered:

  1. The leaking of the Michael Flynn phone call, and Trump calls with heads of state. These are felonies, and only a select number of people would have access to this SIGINT, or signals intelligence.
  2. The intentional omitting of relevant information in the FISA application when presented to the court judges.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions disclosed in an interview with Maria Bartiromo that there are currently 24 active investigations into illegal leaks. Multiple individuals will be going to prison.

Additional investigations that may be revisited or re-opened include the Clinton Email case, the Uranium One case, and other auxiliary ones.

The initial focus, however, remains the FISA scandal within the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The main actors within this scandal are James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Co-conspirators include Fusion GPS and its’ founder Glenn Simpson, who acted as the originators of FAKE intelligence used to justify spying on American citizens.

And make no mistake about it: the “dossier”, aka the pile of trash created out of whole cloth by Clinton hacks, was completely false. It was pure fiction. And the lead American investigative arm actually knowingly took that from partisan hacks and presented it to a court in order to spy upon an American presidential campaign.

More updates to follow soon…