The Spying Scandal

Summary: The top American federal investigative institutions colluded with the Democrats and Democrat front groups to spy on American citizen and Republican candidate Donald Trump, with the goal of acquiring compromising information that could then be used to blackmail, embarrass, or as grounds for impeachment should Donald Trump win.

The entire process was illegal and criminal. Multiple individuals involved will be prosecuted, charged, convicted, and imprisoned. The investigation is well underway.

It all begins:

  • Department of Justice
    • Led by Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch
    • National Security Division (NSD)
      • Neutered Office of Inspector General
        • Sally Yates denied all internal oversight when OIG Horowitz requested it.
  • FBI
    • Led by James Comey
      • Spearheaded by Andrew McCabe
      • Colluded with Democrat front group to manufacture false intelligence
      • Presented false intelligence to a federal spying court
      • Successfully gained spying authority through use of false intelligence
  • Democrat Front Group (Fusion GPS)
    • Nellie Ohr
      • Wife of Bruce Ohr, official in Department of Justice
      • Collusion is clear as day.
    • Christopher Steele
      • Individual used as front man to lend legitimacy to false, defamatory intelligence.
    • Cody Shearer 
      • Clinton Hack.
        • Ohr, Shearer, & Steele all colluded to manufacture false, fake, and defamatory intelligence for their fellow conspirators within the DOJ & FBI to utilize.
        • Their job was to fabricate false intelligence and transfer the finished product to the federal intel agencies.
        • This was a conspiracy.
  • FISA Court
    • Court established to grant spying authority
      • Spying authority is massive and powerful. There are supposed to be powerful safeguards in place to protect American citizens’ from unlawful surveillance. Their privacy is supposed to be protected.
  • Spy Warrant
  • Title I warrant granted on Carter Page
    • This warrant stated Carter Page is a Russian spy. Not could be a Russian spy, IS a Russian spy. Carter Page has never been charged with anything and is walking around today a free man. He has never, ever been a Russian spy, and they LIED to the court. You are not allowed to get Title I surveillance on an American citizen based upon mere speculation, theorizing, or hypothesizing. The federal officials who signed off on these applications committed ENORMOUS CRIMES and will go to prison. These are most likely James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, but could be others.
  • A Title I warrant is immensely powerful. Anyone who Carter Page contacted fell into its’ snare as well. This included Donald Trump. The minute Page spoke with Trump,